CEM MARS 6 - Microwave Digestion System
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CEM MARS 6 - Microwave Digestion System Condition: Used - Fully Functional Purchased New: 11/2014 Purchase Price: Approx 40K INCLUDED: - MARS6 Microwave Accelerated Reaction System 230V/60Hz - DuoTemp Control w/ Fiber-Optic Temperature Option (uses infrared sensors to control temperature of each vessel in the turntable) - Pressure Control Option (works with Plus series vessels to monitor control vessel pressure to 1500 psi) - Reagent Stirring Option (provides stirring in all vessels) - MTS-300 High Temperature Probe (for work above 250c) - EasyPrep Plus Vessels/Turntable/Torque Station 30 day return is void if instrument is not set-up and operator trained by a CEM Service Technician. Do not attempt to operate this instrument without proper Manufacturer set-up and training.
  • Item #: 14122
  • Manufacturer: CEM
  • Condition: Used

CEM MARS 6 - Microwave Digestion System

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