Watson Marlow 720SN/R Process pump 070.413N.00A
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Watson Marlow 720SN/R Process pump 070.413N.00A with continuous tubing pumphead Condition: Used/Tested Model: 720 SN/R P/N: 070.413N.00A S/N: 1060603 Watson-Marlow 720SN/R: 0-2 bar NEMA 4X (IP66) pump fitted with LoadSure continuous tubing pumphead. Tough, rugged 720N cased pump drives offer NEMA 4X (IP66) ingress protection for industrial and washdown environments. Primary pumpheads: flow rates up to 8.8 GPM (2,000 l/hr) at 2 bar (30psi) peak pressure 0.1 rpm to 360 rpm with speed accuracy to 0.1 rpm: 3,600:1 turndown Manual control; remote analogue digital and network control; Intuitive, easy-to-use membrane keypad with large keys Four driven rollers to minimise tube wear and give unbeatable tube life 720SN/R features: Manual control via 9-key display pad Simple calibration to display flow rate MemoDose for easy, powerful, one-shot dispensing
  • Item #: 13546
  • Manufacturer: Watson-Marlow
  • Condition: Used

Watson Marlow 720SN/R Process pump 070.413N.00A

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